BOLOGNA CONNECT is a non-profit association in the form of a ‘project incubator’ seeking to address the need for  the ‘internationalization’ of the city of Bologna across a variety of sectors and target areas including: design, technology, culinary arts, language, music, culture and business.


BOLOGNA CONNECT exists to promote awareness of Bologna in the international world as a viable competitor among the large international cities of Europe by exporting a complete, diverse and modern image of Bologna aiming to improve the city’s position in the areas of international business investment, commercial activity and cultural and recreational tourism.


BOLOGNA CONNECT strives to improve Bologna’s current position in the areas of international business investment, commercial activity and cultural and recreational tourism so that Bologna is considered among the top 3 cities visited in Italy by international businesses, education seekers and tourists.

We believe that the name Bologna should be synonymous with international diversity, modernity, and completeness.  Our city has the potential to be the full package so we are working to insure that we are know across the world as such.


Integrity is our core value which can be expressed across the following areas:

  • Diversity- our projects span a vast variety of people and ideas
  • Transparency- we strive for open relationship with reciprocal trust and respect and maintain a policy of informations sharing
  • Innovation-we have a very creative communication distribution and can reach audiences globally via our very strategic network.
  • Flexibility- we are an agile organization allowing us the capacity to manage unexpected change and respond quickly and efficiently to adverse conditions.
  • Perseverance-we strive to the highest level to preserve the integrity of our projects and mission always leveraging innovative tools and global know-how.

BOLOGNA CONNECT was founded by three partners that make up our strategic board:  Laura Bizzari, Neima Sitawi and Antonella Orlandi.


Cosa significa diventare membro ?

– Entrare a far parte di un network internazionale di amanti di Bologna e del territorio emiliano-romagnolo
– Rimanere aggiornati, condividere informazioni, collaborare assieme

– Valorizzare, condividere e realizzare idee
– Credere nelle potenzialità del territorio emiliano-romagnolo e nella loro realizzazione

– Partnership e contatti internazionali
– Opportunità di diventare Bologna Connect Ambassador e di prendere parte ad  attività mirate allo sviluppo e alla promozione di Bologna 
– Possibilità di sviluppare e incrementare i tuoi affari nel mondo

– contattaci all’email: info@bolognaconnect.com



Via Nosadella 19 – 40123 Bologna

email: info@bolognaconnect.com