“Turn of the Screw” at the Teatro Comunale

On Tuesday November 19, the Teatro Comunale debuted the spectacular opera “Turn of the Screw” composed by Benjamin Britten with a libretto by Myfanwy Piper.  The opera is based on the Gothic literary classic by Henry James.  The storyline follows the efforts of the newly hired governess Mrs. Grose and how she struggles to save the young children Miles and Flora from the influences of the ghosts Miss Jessel and servant Quint. The opera was wonderfully exhibited under the direction of Giorgio Marini, musical director of the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale Jonathan Webb, costumes by Elena Cicorella, scenes by Edoardo Sanchi, and lights by Guido Levi. The outstanding cast was comprised of Sebastian Davies as Miles, Erin Hughes as Flora, Laura Cherici as Ms. Grose, Randall Bills as Quint, and Cristina Zavalloni’s debut to Teatro Comunale as Miss Jessel.

Bologna Connect interns Elisa and Candice attended the opera and thoroughly enjoyed it.   The moving sets and wonderfully tailored 19th century costumes complimented the Gothic lighting and music. The exquisite acting and singing was executed under fantastic direction. At the end, the audience applauded with great enthusiasm and appreciation. The opera was performed in English with with Italian subtitles.

For more information regarding the performance: http://www.tcbo.it/index.phpid=307&tx_eventmgmt_pi2%5Bev_id%5D=335&no_cache=1

For information about the Teatro Comunale: www.tcbo.it

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