Bologna Connect

Network power!

I remember exactly how I felt two years ago when I left the train and I saw the sign  “Bologna Centrale train station”. I was alone and I felt disoriented in a big and unknown city. I was… Read More


Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany seduced San Francisco!

To “blame” were two books—I Segreti della Cucina dell’ Emilia Romagna and I Segreti della Cucina Toscana, which reveal the secrets of their respective regional cuisines.  The Italian Cultural Institute San Francisco, under the direction of Paolo Barlera,… Read More

Izumi, Laura e Anto da Bartolini2

A Japanese in Bologna

If you ask an Italian passionate what  his biggest dream is, he would probably say “living like an Italian”. Well, with Love Italian, a personal teaching Italian experience, last week this dream came true for a Japanese woman… Read More


Bologna Connect in Sacramento

In collaboration with the association Bologna Connect, Mary Tolaro Noyes will be presenting her book: Bologna Reflections: an uncommon guide, Sunday February 12th at 2:00pm, at the Italian Cultural Society of Sacramento. American by birth but with Sicilian… Read More


Travelling & Living in Bologna: Survival Tips

Are you an American interested in moving or travelling to Bologna? Do you already live in Bologna? Curious about different methods of travel in Italy? Trying to stay in your budget? Looking for new ways to learn the language? Need to add something to your… Read More

Festival “roBOtBA”, da Bologna a Buenos Aires

Mercoledì 28 aprile a Buenos Aires si è tenuta la conferenza di presentazione della prima edizione di “roBOtBA”, la versione argentina del famoso festival bolognese “roBOt” dedicato alle arti digitali e alla musica elettronica, che si terrà nella… Read More

“Bologna Press”

Nasce la prima rivista bolognese scritta esclusivamente in lingua inglese “Bologna Press”, ideata da Michael Philips e sponsorizzata da Bologna Connect. Per il lancio della rivista è stato organizzato un Launch Party che avrà luogo sabato 14 marzo presso… Read More

Italy: The Places In Between

NEXT Village San Francisco is a neighborhood nonprofit organization providing services and support that empower members to live independently in their own homes as they age. One type of event they sponsor are presentations on travel. Our Bologna Connect AmbassadorMary… Read More

We Are All Made of Stardust: closing party

After the wonderful opening party the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco has decided to open its doors again and host a closing party and artist’s reception. The architectures painted on palm leaves, mirrors, logs and vinyl records… Read More

Mary Tolaro intervista Penelope

Mary Tolaro Noyes, Bologna Connect Ambassador, intervista la bravissima artista Penelope Chiara Cocchi. Ecco svelati i segreti della nuova misteriosa mostra “We Are All Made of Stardust”, in esposizione all’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di San Francisco. Presenti Paolo… Read More