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A day in Bologna with Norwegian friends – Part 2

Part 2: We stay here till it closes for lunch and then wander back to the Two Towers, stopping for another gelato pit-stop, for both kids and grown-ups.They didn’t used to have so many different flavours when I… Read More

Izumi, Laura e Anto da Bartolini2

A Japanese in Bologna

If you ask an Italian passionate what  his biggest dream is, he would probably say “living like an Italian”. Well, with Love Italian, a personal teaching Italian experience, last week this dream came true for a Japanese woman… Read More


TASTE BOLOGNA – Bologna Food Tour

TASTE BOLOGNA is a blog focused on Bologna’s major attraction, its food! A guide to learn more about Bologna’s culinary excellence and to discover the historical shops and the hidden places where you can find it. JOIN IT!… Read More


Travelling & Living in Bologna: Survival Tips

Are you an American interested in moving or travelling to Bologna? Do you already live in Bologna? Curious about different methods of travel in Italy? Trying to stay in your budget? Looking for new ways to learn the language? Need to add something to your… Read More

Italy: The Places In Between

NEXT Village San Francisco is a neighborhood nonprofit organization providing services and support that empower members to live independently in their own homes as they age. One type of event they sponsor are presentations on travel. Our Bologna Connect AmbassadorMary… Read More

Locandina 19 febbraio 2015

“Emilia Romagna segreta”

Giovedì scorso si è tenuta la presentazione del libro “Emilia Romagna segreta” a Pane, Vino e San Daniele in Via Altabella a Bologna. E’ intervenuta, tra gli altri, la scrittrice americana Mary Tolaro Noyes, Bologna Connect Ambassador a… Read More

Bologna FOOD Connect “El Campèon de la Pasta” Beniamino Baleotti in Buenos Aires

From November 11th until the 20th, the Bologna Connect association will present the gastronomic excellences and traditions of Bologna and Emilia Romagna in Argentina. The event will take place at Il Ballo del Mattone Restaurant in the famous… Read More

Bologna FOOD Connect “El Campèon de la Pasta” Beniamino Baleotti a Buenos Aires

A partire dal  prossimo 11 novembre e fino al 20, l’associazione Bologna Connect presenta le eccellenze e tradizioni gastronomiche di Bologna e dell’Emilia Romagna in Argentina, presso il Ristorante Il Ballo del Mattone del famoso quartiere Palermo di… Read More

Bologna lovers: interview with Bologna Connect

A team of three women, a passion for one city, and a network the expands the globe – these are the elements that make up Bologna Connect, a non-profit organization founded two years ago in Bologna. Their mantra,… Read More

Cioccolatemi, coccole al cioccolato

Un appuntamento dolce per il cuore e per il palato. Vi aspettiamo numerosi.