Preparation of the Bolognese Pasta Sfoglia in Tokyo

On February 3, 2014, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Bologna Connect will host a workshop at their office in Tokyo on the preparation of the pasta sfoglia, or a Bolognese egg pasta sheet, a symbol of Italian life that has its roots in the Emilia Romagna region.  The event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, Enit, ARCA: the School of Italian Language in Bologna, and the Institute of Dante Alighieri in Tokyo.

The event will open with an introduction about Emilia Romagna and Bologna, and their culinary excellencies and traditions.  The presentation will review a gastronomic publication by the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna “La Mercanzia, storia di tortellini e tagliatelle…,” which includes the recipes of the culinary tradition of the region.  “La Mercanzia” will be translated into Japanese and will become available in Japan. There will then be a presentation of the historical notes of the sfoglia as well as on the Emilian tradition of pasta making by hand.  Stories about the birth of the tortellino, a famous dish within Bolognese cuisine, and the evolution of the sfoglia over time, will accompany the hands-on demonstrations of the Maestro Sfoglino Beniamino Baleotti.

The Maestro’s workshop demonstrations include making sfoglia, tagliatelle and the inevitable ragu` alla bolognese, where the audience can “put their hands in the pasta,”  actively participating in the preparation of these bolognese specialties.

ARCA, the School of Italian Language will supply and maintain the instructive materials pertaining to the gastronomic courses in both Italian and in Japanese, as well as some of Beniamino Baleotti’s recipes, including his famous sfoglia and of the delicious tagliatelle al ragu`.

We thank Italian Chamber of Commerce  in Japan, Enit, the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, the Province of Bologna, and the Comune of Bologna for their collaboration and the supply of the instructive materials. We also thank Event Manager Rachele Grassi and Event Presenters Chie Usui and Alice Tavarini of Bologna Connect for their collaboration with Laura Bizzari to organize the presentation of the Emilia Romagna region as well as Fumie Yoshida for her translation of Maestro Benimamino’s recipes.

Translated by Candice Whitney, Bologna Connect Intern


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