Internote Jazz at Bravo Caffe

This past Tuesday April 8 Internote Jazz Sextet hosted the musical evening at Bravo Caffe. It was a full house, and the music captivated the audience. Internote played a variety of songs, such as their own “Canto 54” and the late Bruno Martino’s “Oddio L’estate.” The group is comprised of musicians Francesco Selvatici (sax), Daniele Nascetti (guitar), Stefano Di Marco (drums), Diego Camassa (bass), GianMarco Bruno (trumpet), and Francesco Saverio Magagni (piano).

As for the organization and promotion of the event, we would like to thank Laura Bizzari of Bologna Connect, Bravo Caffe, Internations Ambassador of Bologna Massimiliano Mattioli, Arca-School of Italian Language for Foreigners, the group of students of the Primo Levi, and the photographer of the evening Angelo Scaramagli.


  foto 1     foto 2

We also invite you to Angelo Scaramagli’s photo exhibit, “Le due torri raccontano: i luoghi, la storia, le parole,” at the Bibiloteca Tassinari Clo` (Parco di Villa Spada, Via Casagli 7 Bologna).


For more info on Internote Jazz Sextet, check out:

For more info on the Bravo Cafe and their events, please visit:

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