“Discover Bologna” in Moscow


Great success for Italy but mostly for Bologna on November 22 in Moscow

At the event of the “Year of Tourism: Italy and Russia” Bologna and its excellences were presented. On the November 22 the library Moskva (ul. Vozdvizhenka) hosted the Italian evening “Discover Bologna.” The event was sponsored by the Institute of Italian Culture, the association of  regional promotion Bologna Connect, the Italian school ARCA, the magazine “AVRVM”  and the restaurant Italian Garden.

The large audience present took a great curiosity and interest at every activity carried out during the event: the projection of the photographic video ‘Bologna, where everyday is special’ by journalist Sofia Yunusova of the magazine AVRVM, the presentation and interpretation of G. Guareschi’s book The Christmas Fairy Tale by Olga Gurevich and a cooking demonstration with samplings of Emilia Romagna cuisine promoted by the restaurant Italian Garden.

The audience expressed a high participation and involvement during the fun and engaging Italian lesson. Piazza Maggiore, the Neptune, Piazza Verdi, and Giardini Margherita were used as the backdrop of fun and simple sentences of the Italian language in the slides of Michela Fratti who collaborated with Laura Bizzari of the Italian School of Bologna ARCA. This presentation granted ARCA great visibility.

The Russians demonstrated admiration for the Italian language and culture, and since there is a direct flight with the airline Aeroflot, there will be increasingly more attending ARCA.

The work by the Bolognese artist Fulvio Fanti was exhibited throughout the entire occasion, and was donated by the Institute of Italian Culture of Moscow.

We thank Raffaello Barbieri of the Institute of Italian Culture for the production and promotion of the event.

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