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Street Art a Bologna

Bologna is known for the richness of its historical heritage, but few know that it hides a much more modern side related to street art. Thanks to the Bolognese writer Anna Mongiardo and her book Arte Avvolgibile, I was able to discover it during a sunny Sunday morning.

We met in front of the Giorgio Costa Social Center and a few steps away from there, we found the first example of street art: it’s the famous surprised face of a child, which those who stroll around Bologna often come across in the city.

This image represents the face of a deaf child who hears a noise for the first time in his life thanks to a cochlear implant. This image portrays the child’s amazement at the novelty, which characterizes not only him, but all little ones.

Along our morning walk Anna also told us about some special bulletin boards that unite the past and the present.
These are wooden bulletin boards, dating back to the late 1800s, which have found new life after being used for centuries as tools for spreading information. Thanks to the idea of the 6 women founders of the CHEAP association, they now uphold poster art from the Cheap World Festival (which takes place twice a year).