Bologna FOOD Connect “El Campèon de la Pasta” Beniamino Baleotti in Buenos Aires

Ben con la sfoglia

From November 11th until the 20th, the Bologna Connect association will present the gastronomic excellences and traditions of Bologna and Emilia Romagna in Argentina. The event will take place at Il Ballo del Mattone Restaurant in the famous quarter of Palermo in Buenos Aires.

Leading us will be the incredibly skilled Maestro Sfoglino d’Oro (Golden Master Pasta Maker) Beniamino Baleotti, whose activities will include workshops, lessons, cooking classes, demonstrations, master classes, gastronomic tastings of the region specialties and the pasta dough in particular, as well as Argentinian radio and television interviews. During the workshops there will also be pasta making contests and the winners will be awarded with tickets to EXPO Milan 2015, aprons from the Trattoria Annamaria in Bologna and recipe books from the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna.

Before Master Baleotti’s trip to Argentina, the honorary member of the Bologna Connect association already had a greatly successful exhibition in Japan at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, as well as in China at the Hangzhou Fair. Last October he participated in the national Rai 2 television program called Detto Fatto and won a pasta making competition.

We give many thanks for the organization of this event to Doctor Lorenzo Salmi from the University of Bologna in Buenos Aires, who is an ambassador of Bologna Connect, Doctor Giuseppe Oliverio of the Oliverio Photographic Museum for the wonderful collaboration, Il Ballo del Mattone Restaurant and the Mattone Producciòn.
We would also like to greatly thank the sponsorship of ENIT and EXPO Milan 2015, Tagliapasta and Trattoria Annamaria for the cooking materials in honor of Master Beniamino, Agriturismo Le Ginestre, Città d’Arte Emilia Romagna, Campari, Madonna Nera and the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna that have provided us with traditional culinary Bolognese recipe books in the Spanish language.

Last but not least, we owe a big thank you to the radio program Buongiorno Italia with the amazing Professor Gabriela Malusa, Bologna Connect Ambassador in Buenos Aires and Stefano Zanerini of Qui Bologna Tv, for their powerful media support.

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