Bologna Connect in Sacramento


In collaboration with the association Bologna Connect, Mary Tolaro Noyes will be presenting her book: Bologna Reflections: an uncommon guide, Sunday February 12th at 2:00pm, at the Italian Cultural Society of Sacramento. American by birth but with Sicilian roots, Mary Tolaro Noyes visited Bologna for the first time in 1994 to learn Italian. From that moment on she became immediately fascinated by the medieval city that would continue to attract her in the following years, despite her return to America.

A long standing love, consequently, that still lasts till this day is what brought her to write Bologna Reflection, an out of the ordinary guide as noted in the subheading and subsequently Gathering Chestnuts. Infact, in her books Mary tells the story of her Bologna, the one that intrigued and enchanted her so much that till this day she still returns often for long periods.

Mary Tolaro Noyes guides us on an imaginary journey to the discovery of stories, traditions, and particularities that all make the capital Emiliano so special. Lifelong friendships are not the only way to creates bridges in the world, because through her writing Mary is able to engage her readers and continues to cultivate her experiences during her visits in a place that she considers her second home.

Today Mary lives in San Francisco where she is a Bologna Connect ambassador. Through the Bolognese association she is commited to promoting Bologna and Emilia Romagna in America and throughout the world.

( Translated by Isabella Brown)


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