Arte Fiera a Bologna – Bologna’s Art Festival 2014

IMG_3596The annual Arte Fiera of Bologna Fiere, or the Art Festival of Bologna,  took place this past Jan 24-27 in Bologna, Italy.  The Arte Fiera is an expansive art gallery presenting the works of renowned artists and exhibitors from Italy, Eastern Europe and China.  The gallery is organized into categories such as Modern and Contemporary Art, Photography, New Proposals, Solo Shows, and as well as bookshops, institutions, art magazines, and services.


In addition to at least 200 exhibitors in attendance, there were also various public talks and awards. Discussion topics crossed a variety of topics, such as the international perspective of Italian art, Contemporary Chinese ink, the changes within artistic and cultural tactics before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and the significance and principles behind art collecting for large industrial companies. As for the awards, the “Euromobil Under 30” promotes a young artist who expresses the understanding of a contemporary time using different visual art languages and forms whereas  “The Most Creative Art Installation” recognizes the distribution of art amongst youth, those in particular that illustrate congruency with the Rotary principles of alliance amongst nations.

Artworks present include:


Love is the Answer Again by The Bounty Killart
2014, plaster cast
cm 194 x 40 x 52


A Hymn to the Pillary by The Bounty Killart
2014, plaster cast
cm 40 x 80 x 30


Europe by Michael Gambino
2013, butterfly effect
cm 110 x 130


close up of Europe by Michael Gambino


Planisfero by Michael Gambino
cm 85 x 150


Gianluca Corona
a Cotan, 2014
Oil on Linen Canvas, cm 100 x 100


Paris Hotel di Ville by Tommaso Ottieri
2013, Oil on Wood
cm 220 x 400


Venere musicale by Fernandez Arman
Bronze, 1990
H 158.5 x L 63 x 46 cm
From the Archives of Denise Durand Ruel
By Remo Bianco (Without a Title)
Circa 1974, mixed technique and gold sheets on wood
cm 182 x 182

 I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the exhibitors about their artists and works they represented.  One of the galleries that really struck me the most was Boccanera from Trento.  An artist represented by Boccanera was Jonathan Fullman, and him and I had a discussion about his work “Unchain my Art.”  


Unchain my heart by Jonathan Sullman
150 m of chain, gold paint, 2012
220 x 160 x 100

He started with how his arts usually incorporated more phrases and words, rather than solely images.  He is compelled by the complex relationships between the phrases we use and what they mean regarding greater political and economic systems and power structures.  “Unchain My Heart” expresses how the simple phrase ‘I’m gonna love you forever’ represents our meaning and application of love and our relationship with industry and reform.  It also reflects this paradoxical relationship of the changing significance of words and systems and cycles of subjection.  He explained to me he spray painted the chains and that in order to keep the piece free standing, he welding the chains from behind.  He also created a base for the chains at the bottom. According to me, this piece intersects and reflects a variety of global themes, such as relationships on a personal level, how human relationships are influenced by larger political and economic systems, as well how we maneuver the messages of phrases in regards to our contexts and goals.

The event was mainly sponsored by Gruppo Euromobil, Zalf Mobili, Euromobil Cucine and Desiree Divani and program partnered with Intesa SanPaolo, Carisbo, and Intesa SanPaolo Private Banking.

by Candice Whitney Bologna Connect 


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